Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Curtains of Night Live at Ringside Durham, NC

First off I have to say something about the Ringside in Durham. This club was sick... or actually might make you sick. It really depends on what side of the rusty nail you're on. The show was on the 3rd floor of the club. It took about 45 minutes in sweltering Durham heat for all the bands to wind their way up the dingy steps to the stage area. Once we were all up and settled and done panting I was introduced to Nora singer and guitar player for The Curtains of Night. I think I first noticed all 90 pounds of her carrying a Marshall half stack up the stairs alone. I thought hmmm that's kind of nuts... then TCON hit the stage and it all became quite clear. Nora plays a sick array of homemade stomp boxes and amp heads through speaker cabs that go on forever. Her setup looks like a science experiment and sounds like the kind of thunder that makes you want to cry a little. The most amazing thing about this band is the sound they get for a two piece. Lauren kills on the drums and at times seems like she is a dirty cop trying to beat some sort of confession out of them. Actually that is the perfect metaphor for these guys... good cop/bad cop. Nora screams her head off and lulls you into a stoner-rock induced haze with the sickest guitar tone I have ever heard while Lauren pounds the drums into submission.