Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boogdish at 1919 Hemphill San Antonio, TX

Michael Barton is the man behind Boogdish and the bands only member. Its a combination of samples that Barton makes himself and distorted baselines played by Barton. All the while Barton crunes/speaks amusing lyrics about day to day life in the bizarre world of Boogdish. It reminds me of a 70/30% cross of Weird Al and the Minutemen. Yeah, I didn't think it was possible either. But I was there. It's possible. The pretty large crowd was amused and seemed genuinely entertained his entire 35 minute set. For me, this is an accomplishment for the first act at 8:30 pm on a Wednesday in a seedy Ghetto neighborhood of Fort Worth, TX. About 15 minutes into the performance a string of white mucous appeared creeping out of Barton's nose. It caught most of the audiences attention and added a sort of tension to the set because Barton seemed oblivious to it. That is until the last song when the booger stretched about six inches from his nose and latched itself to the microphone. In the final moments of his set the most brilliant thing happened. Barton sang just enough verses about the fate of his snooty excretion to let the audience know the joke was on them. This set was truly entertaining, we just prayed the club had another microphone.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jucifer at Mooch and Burn VFW Tulsa OK

We traveled from NYC to Los Angeles to Tulsa OK in under 26 hours to play the first show of our latest tour with Jucifer. The Venue was switched last minute and when we pulled up to the enormous neon VFW sign we all looked at each other and sighed a little bit. Not that we have anything against Veterans of Foreign Wars we have just had really horrible experiences playing for them. This night turned out to be just the opposite and we milked it by spending six hours in the VFW bar becoming acquainted with Tulsa's war heroes. The girls set the room on fire that night and just before we went downstairs to watch Jucifer play we did Wild Turkey shots from glasses that were so dirty and full of bugs I think the entire room gagged a little bit after we tipped our elbows.
Any way, did I mention the venue was changed? Yes. But I didn't mention that Van Halen and a gun convention were in town that evening. Two VERY popular attractions in Tulsa. We watched Jucifer play to a crowd of three... that would be us. Needless to say, they killed it. It was the most impressive and heartfelt show I have seen since, well, I can remember. They are so in the moment and part of the music the entire performance that it's hard to imagine them as normal people that... let's say... brush their teeth or eat sandwiches. That is, until they get off the stage and are three (including Brent their lighting/sound/roadie/sidekick) of the kindest most considerate people you could ever interact with. That night (to our horror) we played after Jucifer with just Amber, Ed, and Brent standing there watching us in the empty VFW hall. Jucifer is truly one of the last of their kind. An endangered species that honestly and earnestly holds fast to the original punk rock ideal. They live to play and play to live. It's as simple as that.