Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kill Kill Kill - Palms Bar and Reasturant (Joshua Tree)

When I pulled up to this place I immediately got a lost highway/Dusk 'til Dawn vibe. There where 4 dudes at the bar that looked like they had been sitting there since about 1850. I wasn't even sure where the electricity for this place was coming from. But after a few $1beers I was hooked... it was fucking rad. Kill Kill Kill played a 25 minute set in a lineup of what must have been 20 bands that day. I was totally mesmerized. I think this band was jamming... but I liked it? So weird. Like an old silent Rex Ingram film. Not sure what is going on but still... you just can't look away. So loud it created this soft deafening silence... hard to explain sort of like where you can't pay attention to anything else except what is pinging around inside your skull.
This is what I thought up while driving back to LA... staring off into the desert listening to nothing but the ringing in my ears. Kill Kill Kill will leave you def and dumb. They will blow your mind and your eardrums simultaneously. Kill Kill Kill is the shadow that strikes from the deep; the canine that pierces the jugular; the death blow. The band plays mind bending/ear bursting heavy-metal-math-rock instrumentals in the vein vintage Slint, Engine Kid, and The Melvins with the countenance of bands like Boris and Jucifer.

They have a blog!!! Yeah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Puscifer Live at Club Nokia

I am basing this review entirley on a review written by another music journalist. Basically because this Puscifer character seems so smug and pedestrian it makes me sick.

"Keenan appeared in a polished military uniform, cookie duster mustache and a crew cut as a character he's begun to use frequently in online vignettes, Major Douche"

"Standing in front of an even larger American flag, he incited the sold-out crowd to scream 'vagina' on command."

"comedic riffing from the likes of Brian Posehn"


P.S. I have nothing against Brian Posehn... I just fel bad he has been associated with this garbage.