Monday, November 5, 2007

WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice at the Cork Screw Jersey City NJ

It's not rare to come across a band that is so excited to release their debut album they can't keep themselves from squeezing the topic as a non sequitur into any conversation. It's a common form of tourettes that overcomes anyone that has spent countless hours holed up in a tiny windowless box picking over abstract aural detail that only the insane could appreciate. Well, enter WJ & the Sweet Sacrifice. The difference is these guys (and gal) don't want you to simply hear it, they want you to enjoy it. In an age of aloof hipsters ripping off whatever scene is hot at the moment just to get an audience, it's rare to find a band that truly wants you to experience their music. I have never played with a band that gets so much satisfaction and appreciation out of an audience connecting with their set. The setup is that of a quintessential rock band with an alt-country twist. The rhythm section is Mike Mobius and Neil McAneny and they hold it down back beat style. Billy Ferrara Fronts the band with a throaty vocal style and presence that reminisces back to early Mike Ness and there are not many things that are better to watch than Erin Conners slinging guitar riffs over the entire mess. Beware! She's cute as a button but tougher than a bag full of angry rattle snakes. All together the sound is pretty unique and throughout the set hints of the Lies Lies Lies era Gn'R with Kings of Leon and Social D. can be faintly heard. These guys wear their hearts on their sleeves and they have a new LP out on Moonlight Mile Records.