Thursday, March 27, 2008

Le Meu Le Purr - Knitting Factory LA

I went out to see the Gay Blades and these guys were playing the slot just before them. They are a Ventura CA band which means nothing to me... but seemed to mean alot to the gaggle of LA-hair-hipster-glam-trash that seems to permeate this city like NYC sewer rats. Actually I am lying there were no glam metal weirdos there that night. They were at the key club doing coke in the bathroom with Brett Michael's sloppy seconds.
Any way back to Le Meu Le Purr. These guys play loud, fast, and hard and still manage to keep the sound indie. Since I have been in LA I haven't seen a local band that is able to play riff laden solid rock tunes without wearing eye makeup or sporting the shirtless leather vest look. These guys kill it and they kill it hard. Aaron Johnson vocals are reminiscent of Thursday era emo and the guitars follow suit with a dirtier darker feel. Scott and Robin give the songs attitude with an assault that breaks down and backs off just often enough to keep the listener intrigued. This band is what California indie rock needs... balls and brains with no cheese.