Monday, December 17, 2007

Mardo at the Key Club , Los Angeles CA

If these guys were a joke band they would be fantastic. I think that's why I liked them at first, but three songs in I realized they were fucking serious. They are a would be a hipster version of Spinal Tap if Spinal Tap was a real band. What's worse is they play really really really really really boring repetitive songs that go absolutely no where. The most entertaining thing about this band was the denim unitard Aaron Mardo was wearing. But that's only because I saw my step mother wearing one in 1988 and she looked so dumb; I still to this day laugh about it. They even managed to turn the Thurman, one of the sexiest instruments in rock n' roll (see jon spencer)... gay. Mardo did so many ass maneuvers toward the Thurman I swear the antenna shrunk. If you want to see what's wrong with "indie rock" aesthetic and creativity in music today please go see this band. It will become apparent to you immediately.