Thursday, April 3, 2008

Russian Circles at the EchoPlex LA

I went to this show expecting to stroll right in the door and share this band's set with a handful of people. When I got to the club there was a line that stretched half way down the block! I was so sure that this many people could not know about this band I actually took a trip upstairs to the Echo to be sure I had the right place. Long story short, I eventually found a friend figured out I was indeed in the right place and waited in line for 15 minutes to get into the club. Joke was on me I guess...

These guys where amazing and it's no wonder so many people have caught on to them. They are somewhere between Metallica Master of Puppets era and Yes minus the vocals (if that is even possible). They played through the entire set and fluxed seamlessly between haunting lows and throbbing highs. The interplay between Dave Turncrantz's drumming and Mike Sullivan's guitar provides the backbone of the music. The freedom and familiarity between these two musicians allows tricks like finger tapping and odd time signatures to give the music a unique edge. I have to say aside from Eddie Van Halen playing eruption I have never seen anyone finger tap their way to adding any substance to a song... well until I saw these guys. They know each other and their instruments so well they play like its second nature. it's a rare sight these days and it is something awesome to behold.

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